NASCAR Ratings Hit “Broadcast Low” After Noose Fiasco



Well, NASCAR is just starting to feel the pain of their “Noose Stunt,” where they went WOKE, embraced Marxist “Black Lives Matter,” and put on a goofy spectacle honoring black driver Bubba Wallace, who falsely claimed a noose was placed in his garage following the George Floyd protests.

Well, the ratings are in, and thanks to NASCAR abandoning their fans for their new SJW agenda, they’ve hit a ratings LOW.

Who couldn’t see this coming?

And if you ask me, this is just the beginning of the end for NASCAR.

They have completely misread this entire situation, and they treated their fan base as a bunch of racists hicks in order to satisfy the liberal MOB that doesn’t even watch them.

They allowed Bubba Wallace to call fans that didn’t believe his story – that ended up being wrong – “simple-minded” and he never bothered to apologize for that snarky, rude crack.

NASCAR got woke and now they’re about to go broke. Good riddance.

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