WATCH: DC Protesters Stomp on American Flag “Get it Nice and Dirty”



A group of protesters wearing pro-BLM and anti-Trump T-shirts stomped and wiped their feet on a large American Flag in D.C.

Two of the women wore orange shirts that say “Trump/Pence OUT NOW!”

Per Breitbart “Get it nice and dirty, because that’s what this flag is. It’s dirty, it represents filth.”

A group of protesters stomped, wiped their feet, and snacked on ice cream while standing on the U.S. flag at the newly-minted Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC a few blocks from the White House on Independence Day.

The activists were caught on camera by Breitbart News stomping and dancing the Cha-Cha Slide on the flag. A number of those in attendance appeared to be affiliated with Refuse Fascism, an Antifa group founded in 2017 to combat President Donald Trump’s administration. Others in the crowd were also seen wearing BLM t-shirts and identified themselves as supporters of the cause.

“This flag has hurt so many of us, so come step on this flag,” one of the activists is heard, encouraging protesters to join in denigrating the flag, according to video captured by Breitbart News. “Get [this flag] dirty, that what this flag is, it’s dirty, it represents filth, greed, crime.”

The protest was one of several held across the country by Refuse Fascism, BLM, and other far-left groups. Officially, the activists claim the demonstrations are meant to show opposition to the death of George Floyd and support for tearing down statues and monuments, which they claim are a symbol of America’s racist and fascist history.


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