Media Silent: 18-Yr-Old White Safeway Employee Shot To Death By 23-Yr-Old Black Male…No Known Motive, Accused Murderer Reportedly Didn’t Know Victim



An 18-year-old Safeway employee and recent high school graduate was shot and killed in the parking lot where he was working while delivering food to customers. A 23-year-old black male accused of being the shooter is in custody. There is no evidence that the victim and the alleged shooter knew each other or had any previous interactions.

The alleged black, male shooter did not pin the 18-year-old white male to the ground with his knee before shooting him to death, so there won’t be any riots or looting to commemorate the 18-year-old white male’s death.

The mainstream media, as usual, is silent about the shooting death of the young white, male, high school graduate who loved to fish and had dreams of playing professional baseball, allegedly by a black male with no known motive.

Fox News KTVU

The mother of a Safeway employee shot and killed in American Canyon said Monday that is struggling to cope with the sudden loss of her only son.

“My son was a piece of me, a piece that has gone,” Tracy Garza of Fairfield said of 18-year-old Nathan Garza.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office on Monday announced the arrest of a suspect in connection with Garza’s shooting death a day earlier outside of a Safeway supermarket where he worked.

Christopher “Roly” Young, 23 years old, from Martinez, was booked on suspicion of murder.

No motive was given. Law enforcement did not say whether the two knew each other or not.

Rest In Peace Brother…

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