You’re Going to Hell: Guy Benson shares APPALLING letter from one neighbor to another condemning them for Trump sign



You would not be shocked to hear how many of your friends and neighbors across the country who vote Democrat that still think Nick Sandmann got what he deserved when the media dragged him through the mud as a teenager. They 100% believe that a MAGA hat is a declaration of vicious, vile hate.

Not the Democrats in office or the press, of course. They are far too dead inside for that sort of emotional assessment. But the people who trust those walking husks? Definitely.

So that’s how a letter like this happens.

Thank you for proudly and prominently displaying your signs of political support! These symbols make it impossible for us to ignore how you truly feel about us as your neighbors,” it reads. It is written in mock gratitude, and correspondingly in mock light-hearted handwriting. If you’ve ever read resistance twitter or an opinion article at a place like Vox or HuffPo then you know the tone of voice in this letter exactly. Smug, indignant, self-righteous, and above all, seething with rage and contempt.

Trump yard signs, it continues, “make abundantly clear to those of us who are women, people of color, immigrants and those who may worship or love differently than you that you simply do not care about us at all.”

“You make it clear by these signs that you neither respect us as humans nor believe we are entitled to equal protections and rights under the laws of this great country. You do not believe that we deserve life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, that we are not really Americans to you, simply because we may not look like you or share your beliefs. So again, thank you for showing us the prejudice and hate that truly fills your heart and telling us so proudly that although you may be our neighbor, we are not equally yours.”

True to the genre, it ends with a snide comment about Christianity.

This is what so many liberals think. They don’t feel bad about it at all, and they never ever ever question it. It’s obvious to them. The sky is blue and a Trump sign means you want to kill black people and kick out Mexicans.

Oh by the way, guess who lives at the house that received the letter?

Limbaugh this week said he’s worried that Democrats are trying to start a race war. But it’s pretty clear that the biggest problem in America is that race known as “affluent white liberals.” Because that is EXACTLY who wrote this letter, and everyone knows it.






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